Dos and Don’ts in Social Media Marketing

by Bill Yeager May 17, 2024
Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is now a major tool for businesses in the current world. The number of people that are using social media platforms every day gives businesses a chance to find their target audience and promote their brand. Nevertheless, it is of great importance to be cautious and to follow some rules when it comes to social media marketing to make it successful. This article will talk about the dos and don’ts of social media marketing, providing handy tips and insights for businesses that want to make the most of their social media presence.

Do Understand Your Audience and Platform

The key to successful social media marketing is the understanding of your target audience. It is a challenge to create content your audience will like if you do not know who your audience is. Take the required time to discover the demographics, interests, and preferences of your target audience, as this information will allow you to tailor your content to the needs and expectations of those you are trying to reach.

Audience and Platform

It is also necessary to be aware of the different social media platforms and their users. Each platform attracts a different kind of audience, and the way you present your content will depend on this; it will have a great influence on your success. An example of this is Instagram which is popular with the younger generation because they prefer visual content, while LinkedIn is more for business professionals who are in search of industry-related information.

Don’t Over-Promote Your Brand

While it is important to promote your brand on social media, over-promotion can be harmful to your success. Social media users are searching for content that is useful, entertaining, educational, or inspirational. Overloading them with advertising messages can result in their disengagement and even unfollowing your brand.

The main aim of this is to strike a balance between promotion and engagement. Rather than only concentrating on your own promotion, try to offer something to your audience that they can learn from. This can be done by exchanging industry information, advice and hints, or even user-generated content that puts your brand in a good light. By providing value, you earn the trust and credibility of your audience, which in turn makes the audience more willing to listen to your promotional messages when the time comes.

Do Engage with Your Followers

Participation is the main element of social media marketing. It is possible to establish connections with your audience, develop loyalty, and create a community around your brand. The fact that you are directly in touch with your followers is an indication that you care about their opinion and, therefore, you will earn their loyalty and advocacy.


There are many ways to interact with your followers in the correct manner. Reacting to comments and messages as soon as possible is important because it shows that you are attentive and interested in what they have to say. Moreover, the act of pursuing conversations, by posing questions or running polls, can be the source of interaction and will thus create the feeling of inclusiveness. The sharing of user-generated content and the acknowledgment of your followers for their contributions will be the last step in the process of building a strong relationship between your brand and its audience.

Don’t Disregard Negative Feedback or Comments

Negative feedback is a common thing in any business’s path, and social media is not an exception. Neglecting to respond to negative feedback can be harmful to your brand’s reputation.  Rather, think of negative feedback as a chance for growth and progress.

When you get negative feedback or a negative comment, you should answer it as soon as possible and in a professional way. The problem raised should be recognized, an apology may be needed, and a solution or explanation should be provided. By handling the negative feedback in an open and transparent way, you prove your dedication to customers and convey that you are taking their issues seriously.

Several companies have been able to deal with negative feedback on social media platforms. For instance, Domino’s Pizza was hit by a major negative reaction when a video of employees mishandling food was shared on the internet. Rather than turning a blind eye to the problem, Domino’s reacted promptly, publicly apologized, and took immediate steps to fix the problem. This forward-thinking attitude helped reconstruct the trust of their customers and demonstrated their dedication to quality and transparency.

Ultimately, it is imperative to know the different social media platforms and their users. Every platform has its own specific audience and by tailoring your content to fit that audience, you can boost your chances of success.


Bill SEO in CT Bill Yeager, Co-Owner of High Point SEO & Marketing in CT, is a leading SEO specialist, Amazon international best-selling author of the book Unleash Your Internal Drive, Facebook public figure, a marketing genius, and an authority in the digital space. He has been personally coached by Tony Robbins, a fire walker and a student of Dan Kennedy, Founder of Magnetic Marketing. Bill has been on several popular podcasts and the news including Sharkpreneur with Kevin Harrington, FOX, NBC, and ABC by way of his Secret Sauce marketing strategies. Bill enjoys fitness, cars, and spending time with his family when not at work.