How Businesses in the USA Are Leveraging ChatGPT and Gemini

by Bill Yeager June 28, 2024
Leveraging ChatGPT and Gemini

ChatGPT and Gemini are two relatively new artificial intelligence systems that have only appeared in public in the last couple of months. Spawned from OpenAI and Anthropic, these bots provide natural writing when asked to produce text on any topic one may desire. Broadly across industries in the United States, organizations have been swift to identify the opportunities that these AI systems offer to augment numerous aspects of their operations. In this article, you will learn how US companies can benefit from ChatGPT and Gemini through efficient ways that can help in increasing productivity and, ultimately, revenue.

Streamlining Customer Service

The Utilization of Chatbots in Dealing with Routine Inquiries

Some of the US’s leading organizations have embraced ChatGPT and Gemini Chatbot to address numerous questions from customers. These chatbots assist in offering round-the-clock automated support. They also save a lot of time for agents to answer more pressing or severe issues. Since the first day, AI chatbots have responded to 60-70% of routine questions from people engaged in retailers, banks, and service providers, without interference. AI is also beneficial in reducing expenses when it comes to customer service while at the same time increasing the rate of response and the satisfaction of customers.

ChatGPT and Gemini

Personalizing Marketing Content

Another important use is feeding artificial intelligence systems with data to create content and advertisements that are better suited to the audience. Rather than generating general content, ChatGPT and Gemini can produce emails, landing pages, ad copies, etc., based on the requirements and interests of different segments of audiences by dividing up the users on the basis of their demographic characteristics and past interactions. This approach holds a great deal of value in enhancing the conversion rates for enterprises based out of the United States for their digital marketing strategies.

Enhancing Business Documents

Polishing Reports & Presentations  

Two such AIs capable of natural language processing are ChatGPT and Gemini, which are also being leveraged by US corporations to reduce the time and effort invested in creating business documents. Sales departments have been incredibly proactive and have adopted these AI tools to write over the sales reports and pitches from scratch and edit the work to achieve the highest communicative clarity, sales pitch consistency, and sales appeal. The software can also insert the needed terms for a company or industry and support data & statistics at a high speed to drive documentation.

Reviewing & Editing Contracts 

Another application toward efficiency is to employ both ChatGPT and Gemini to quickly evaluate and modify formal legal papers such as contracts and agreements. To make the task more efficient, many of the essential modifications, gap/risk identification, and formatting changes have been automated, provided the documents are fed to the AI system. In freeing up this time, legal and compliance teams in US firms can focus more on negotiating the specifics of a contract than the formatting of the document.

Accelerating Software Development

Prototyping Apps & Programs  

ChatGPT’s and Gemini’s coding features are also helping US software companies and IT departments accelerate the concept and development of new applications and programs. With this tool, developers are not only able to get ideas and pseudo-code, but they can also use them to develop complete modules of codes, which will save them time. Prototypes assist more in the idea’s visualization and testing, triggering the fast final software building. According to some figures, the reduced time range is between 50-80 % during the prototyping phase with the help of these AI tools.

Accelerating Software Development

Introduction of Error Handling & Testing of Programs

Besides creating software codes and components, ChatGPT and Gemini also assist programmers in identifying errors or bugs in their codes and enhancing system testing. This means that queries can be asked for innovative interfaces in simple language to point out the defects in the codes, which may be overlooked during the product testing phases. The explanatory responses assist in identifying issues and fixing them promptly, which in turn contributes to improved efficiency and consistent fixes. Testing supported by such AI is critical for US technology companies that are keen on shortening the cycle of software releases.

ChatGPT’s and Gemini’s Future

It is expected that the usage of these newer tools, such as the ChatGPT, Gemini, etc., will, in the next few years, slowly filter down to the small and midsize enterprises (SMEs), in the US as well. The benefits such as cost savings, increased revenues, and competitive advantage offered by these technologies will likely compel more companies to adopt them in various functions soon. However, issues such as data protection, the fairness of algorithms, and the potential loss of employment due to automation should also be tackled by a conjunction of balanced regulation and policies to ensure the best use of such revolutionary AI.


The potential of both ChatGPT and Gemini in augmenting business is a clear sign that the future belongs to AI technology tools. As this article shows, US enterprises are now getting rich value from applying these intelligent systems ranging from customer service to marketing, documentation, software development, and more. Since it is still in its infancy stages, the utilization is poised for tremendous growth in the coming years, with more enhancements in capabilities and new tools emerging. Businesses should develop plans to capitalize on these technologies to stay relevant so they can thrive.


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