Facebook | Social Media Marketing Ads 101

by Hayley Canfield October 12, 2022
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It’s easy to see why businesses would use Facebook advertising or incorporate Facebook advertising into their marketing plan if Facebook is the leading social media platform. Over the past few years, Facebook promotion has become a major part of every digital marketer’s playbook.

The million-dollar question about Facebook ads is, “how much do Facebook ads cost?” Marketing experts can only give you a recommended budget, not the actual cost of running an ad.

Facebook | Social Media Marketing Advertising 101

Facebook has more than 1 billion daily active users, which makes it the most popular social media marketing platform.

Any advertising company or expert can take advantage of Facebook’s position as the leading social media marketing platform due to its massive population and the wide range of audiences it has. In addition, now that it owns Instagram, it can easily reach even younger audiences through cross-channel marketing.

We will take a brief look at the Facebook Business Suite’s unique proprietary tracking capabilities, which make it an ideal platform for social advertising.

Intro to Facebook | Social Media Marketing Advertising Tools

Any business, Facebook & Social Media Marketing advertising expert, Facebook & Social Media Marketing advertising agency, or anyone offering Facebook & Social Media Marketing advertising services can manage their Facebook and Instagram presence or their clients with the Facebook Business Suite. It contains tools that let you view page activity, manage responses in your inbox and create and schedule posts for your Facebook and Instagram accounts. The Facebook Business Suite contains important tools that will help.

Facebook Business Suite includes an important tool that helps you manage your Facebook ads: the Facebook Ads Manager. With the Ads Manager tool, you can:

  • Set up Facebook and Instagram ads
  • Ads and ad sets can be created and managed
  • By minimizing Facebook ads CPC and Facebook ads CPM, you can manage your Facebook ads budget
  • Improve the targeting of Facebook ads and ad campaigns
  • A/B test Facebook ads
  • Analyze the performance of your campaigns

Types of Facebook | Social Media Marketing Ads

Within the Facebook Ads Manager app, you can create a variety of different types of ads depending on your campaign objectives, such as Image ads, Video ads, Video polls, Slideshow ads, Lead ads, Stories ads, Messenger ads, and even playable ads.

A Facebook & Social Media Marketing ad expert will tell you that the true cost may differ from the average cost. This is complicated by the fact that Facebook uses an auction system for placement of ads. A Facebook & Social Media Marketing advertising company can place bids within the Facebook ad auction system and compete with another Facebook & Social Media Marketing advertising company to have their ads shown to their target audience.

You can’t guarantee success by placing just a bid. Facebook looks at the relevance of your ad when deciding what ad to display on a user’s timeline. Relevance refers to ad quality and an estimated action rate, which is the probability that the ad will lead to the desired outcome.

Facebook ads performance is also affected by several other factors, including the quality of the ad, the placement, the audience, and the industry.

A Facebook ad can produce quality and positive results when used properly. Just like supply and demand, as more advertisers push to get their ads shown, the cost of ads tends to rise.

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