Improve Local Google My Business SEO Ranking in CT

by Hayley Canfield October 18, 2022
Improve Local Google My Business SEO Ranking in Connecticut

Would you appear in the search results of potential customers in your area when they search for the services you offer? If not, you could be missing out on tons of interested, paying customers. In order to take advantage of all business opportunities, it is important to improve your local CT SEO ranking on Google.

What Is Your Local Google My Business SEO Ranking in CT?

Based on your business’ location in Connecticut, your local ranking refers to how you rank in a local search. You will find results that are close to your location if you search for a generic search term like “Chinese restaurant” on Google if you live in or around Avon, Connecticut, even if you didn’t type in “Chinese restaurant in Avon, Connecticut”. Google’s SEO local ranking can be improved if your business doesn’t show up in these types of general searches.

How To Improve Local Google My Business SEO Ranking in CT

To improve your local CT SEO ranking on Google, you should check out Google My Business and read their recommendations. When it comes to improving your local SEO ranking, there are five main things to keep in mind, although there certainly is more if there’s competition.

  1. Complete All Info: The best and most accurate information is always Google’s goal, so businesses that have complete and accurate information will naturally show up higher in search results.
  2. Verify Your Business Location: You can reach out to us if you’re not sure how to verify your location on Google. Verifying your location on Google is simply ensuring that your correct address and geographical location are displayed on your business listing.
  3. Ensure Your Hours Are Accurate: Make sure your business hours are accurate so customers know when they can access your business and you don’t have angry customers who drove to your business only to discover that you were closed. This keeps your reviews in good standing because you won’t have angry customers.
  4. Respond To Your Reviews: Interact with your customers and respond to positive and negative reviews: By responding to both positive and negative reviews, businesses demonstrate how much they care about their customers and their experience with them.
  5. Add Photos To Your Profile: You can entice potential customers into your business by adding photos to your business listing, and also showcase your goods and services by including appealing photos to your listing.

How Google Determines Local Google My Business SEO Ranking in Connecticut?

Among the three main factors Google considers when ranking your business locally are relevance, distance, and prominence. Relevance refers to how well your listing matches the information that a searcher is looking for. In Google’s search algorithm, distance is the distance between a user and a business address, and the closest businesses will always appear first to the user. Prominence refers to the level of popularity of certain businesses. Users can find prominent businesses that are highly visited in certain locations through Google’s search engine, which is designed to be as helpful to them as possible.

Getting your business ranked higher in local SEO CT Google My Business search is what we do best at High Point SEO & Marketing in CT. Contact us today to learn how we can help you!

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