A SEO Company CT or an SEO Company CT

by Bill Yeager December 26, 2022

Looking to learn if you’re saying A SEO Company CT or an SEO Company CT the correct way?


Aren’t you pretty well versed when it comes to SEO in CT? You know that great content is crucial, that keywords matter, and that quantity is just as important as quality. But you don’t seem to have a clear idea whether to use “a” or “an” before the term SEO CT company. We refer to SEO in Connecticut when we speak of an SEO CT or CT SEO.


You aren’t alone as an SEO CT

Even the most experienced wordsmith can struggle with those acronyms. Let’s break it down. If you look at “SEO CT company,” you may assume that it must be an SEO company; it doesn’t begin with a vowel, so it must be one. That was an easy answer, but wait. Is that right? Let’s try it out in a sentence.


I want to hire a SEO CT company.

Wouldn’t it sound strange if we used “an” instead?


I want to hire an SEO CT company.

It’s much better now. So when it comes to speaking, you should definitely hire “a CT SEO company.”

As with written text, you choose your indefinite article based on how it sounds when using abbreviations of any kind. How is SEO CT pronounced? In other words, “an SEO CT company” is the correct choice regardless of whether it is spoken or written. It sounds like “ess-ee-oh,” which begins with a vowel.

When choosing your article, remember that you choose it based on pronunciation, so make sure you write “a search engine optimization company” instead, otherwise you might look silly.

If you don’t know how to properly run your SEO CT campaign, High Point SEO CT is here to help. You know how to be grammatically correct when talking about an SEO company, but do you know how to run it correctly? As a CT SEO company, we have the experience and knowledge to deliver the results you desire.


Bill SEO in CT Bill Yeager, Co-Owner of High Point SEO & Marketing in CT, is a leading SEO specialist, Amazon international best-selling author of the book Unleash Your Internal Drive, Facebook public figure, a marketing genius, and an authority in the digital space. He has been personally coached by Tony Robbins, a fire walker and a student of Dan Kennedy, Founder of Magnetic Marketing. Bill has been on several popular podcasts and the news including Sharkpreneur with Kevin Harrington, FOX, NBC, and ABC by way of his Secret Sauce marketing strategies. Bill enjoys fitness, cars, and spending time with his family when not at work.